My name is Patricia LaPointe and I am a photographer living in Madison, WI. I started photography in 2002 and hold both my BFA and MFA in photography from UW-Madison.

I was born in central Wisconsin and grew up in Wisconsin and Colorado. I became interested in art at an early age and was inspired by the colorful paintings of Vincent Van Gogh and illustrations of Tommie DePaola. Throughout school, I continued my passion and took classes in any new art form I could.

In early college I took my first creative photography class and since then I have been photographing the world around me. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Madison earning a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts and a Women’s Studies minor. I briefly lived in Chicago, attending Columbia College Chicago, before moving back to Madison, where I currently reside. In May, 2010, I graduated with my Master's in Fine arts in Photography from the University of Wisconsin Madison.

As a photographer, I work as an observer, one who seeks out things to photograph, as opposed to photographers who create scenes or make alterations to the subjects they photograph. Whether shooting images of people, exteriors, interiors, or abstracts, I attempt to create images the way I have found them. I enjoy being able to capture for others my view of the world as it exists around me.

I am both a working photographer and also a teacher. I have taught St. Norbert College in De Pere, WI, and I currently teach courses at the Wisconsin Union.



Bedroom Debris

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